Man carrying baby in harness

The College recognises the demands of family life and is committed to supporting members of staff to obtain a good work life balance.  With this in mind, our family leave guidance has been designed to support both staff and managers by guiding them through the procedures for the various family leave types, covering what needs to be considered and the steps that need to be completed.

All of the College’s family leave pay and policies are inclusive.  They respect the diversity of our daily lives and must be implemented to ensure equality of opportunity and without unfair discrimination.  Our family leave policies do not make assumptions about your gender or your partner’s gender and are explicitly inclusive of same-sex couples.  The policies encompass all staff, irrespective of your gender identity, sexual orientation, gender expression, biological sex or if you are transitioning.  Policy implementation is supported by comprehensive equality, diversity and inclusion training and advice.

If you have any questions about the policies, or would like to discuss any matter confidentially, you are urged to contact the HR Staff Hub