Within HR we understand that your time is valuable and that when you need to use our policies or to follow the processes associated with them, you require information that is presented in a clear and concise manner.  We also understand that whether you are a member of staff or a manager, the information you require and the questions you may have can be quite different from each other. 

With this in mind our HR policies’ guidance gives step by step process information and has been separated for staff and managers with an aim to providing you with the information relevant to your specific needs and speedy answers to your questions.   Whether you are very familiar with our HR policies or have no prior knowledge of them, we hope that our guidance will be a useful resource for you.

This guidance supplements the College's policies and procedures. The policies and procedures have been agreed with the College's recognised Joint Trades Unions and in all instances take precedent over the guidance.  You will find the relevant full College policy in the sidebar of each guidance webpage.

All College employees are covered by the guidance related to the policies mentioned below, with the exception of those covered by the Appendix to the Statutes governing academic staff.

Please view our guidance and associated policies from the links below. For all other policies and procedures, please view our Policies, procedures and forms A – Z list.


Within College we are fortunate to have a number of support channels in place for staff who need more information or support on accessing, understanding or implementing HR procedures. This support has been brought together in one place for your convenience and can be accessed from our Employee Support webpage.