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Who else can I contact for support and what is their role?

Human Resources (HR)

  • HR will provide clear guidance to you and your manager in relation to the application of the sickness policy
  • HR will also liaise with Occupational Health, the Head of EDIC and trade union representative, when appropriate
  • HR will monitor and identify patterns in sickness absence and liaise with the manager when sickness absence levels start to become a concern
  • HR are responsible for coordinating any formal stages of the sickness procedure and will attend any formal meetings.

Head of EDIC (Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion Centre - EDIC)

  • The EDIC can offer information and advice for staff with disabilities, their managers and HR
  • It is hoped that staff will feel comfortable declaring a disability and the more people who do so, the better informed the College becomes about the facilities and support that should be in place for staff. The Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Centre (EDIC) encourages disabled staff to declare their disability to their line manager and on the ICIS system.
  • Staff are encouraged to use the Staying Well Plan (SWELL) to discuss their needs with their manager. This is also a good way to record workplace adjustments and review them periodically.

Occupational Health

  • Occupational Health (OH) can provide specialist advice on your fitness for work and on health issues in the workplace.  This includes seeing you when referred by your line manager or Human Resources.  OH also provide advice on workplace adjustments to help ease you back into work following sickness absence, where appropriate.

Trade Unions

  • If you are a paying member of a trade union, your union representative can provide you with clear, confidential advice and support.  In addition to accompanying you to any formal meetings which may occur as a result of sickness absence.  However although trade union representatives cannot attend informal meetings between yourself and your manager regarding sickness absence, they can provide you with clear, confidential advice and support.  

Confidential Care

  • All College staff and members of their family living with them can get free professional and confidential help from Confidential Care, the College's Employee Assistance Provider, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You can call 0800 085 4764 or log into Well online using the User ID: Imperial and Password: College to access confidential advice and support.

Harassment Support Contacts

  • Confidential support is available for staff affected by bullying or harassment in the workplace through Imperial’s Harassment Support Contacts (HSCs). The network of HSCs are trained volunteers who can help members of staff by acting as a listening board and exploring the options available to them through formal and informal College procedures.