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To support our staff and prospective staff the College is able to provide assistance with payment of the following items:

  • UK visa fees
  • Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) costs*
  • Indefinite leave to remain/permanent residence application fees (available to current staff only)
  • Citizenship costs (available as a salary advance only and just to current staff)

* IHS costs are payable by non EEA nationals and their dependants who individuals apply for leave to enter or remain in the UK.  The surcharge grants them free access to the NHS.  With a few limited exceptions, everyone coming to the UK on a visa of 6 months or more must register for the IHS and most must pay a fee.

This assistance may be offered as follows:

Departmental reimbursement

Departments may consider reimbursing the above mentioned costs for staff and their dependants at their discretion.  Applicants are not able to appeal against a department’s decision to exercise discretion.  Further information for departments wishing to reimburse costs is available from the Finance website.

Salary advance

The College is able to offer an interest free loan facility to support you and your dependants with payment of the above mentioned costs.

The College’s preferred method of payment is by bank transfer once you have commenced employment, however, if a salary advance is needed at the point that the visa fees and/or IHS is paid, this can be arranged.

Conditions of advance                                                                           

  1. You must be a non EEA national on a UK visa and/or liable for payment of the IHS or a current member of staff who is a non EEA, EEA or Swiss national applying for UK residency or Citizenship;
  2. You must have received an offer of employment, conditional offer of employment or extension of employment from the College or in the case of UK residency or Citizenship applications, be a current member of College staff
  3. The salary advance will be for no other costs than UK visa fees and/or IHS costs. 
  4. Please note: the IHS will be collected upfront and will correspond to the number of years of leave applied for.  Where leave applied for is not for a whole number of years, the IHS fee will increase to reflect the number of additional months.  The first additional month will not attract an extra fee, and any more that 6 additional months will attract a full year’s extra fee.  For example, a Tier 2 applicant making an application for 2.5 years will attract a fee of £500.
  5. If applying for UK Citizenship, you may apply for initial costs and then make a second application for ceremony fees if your application is successful
  6. The salary advance will be recovered throughout the duration of the contract (or where the contract is open ended throughout the duration of the visa), or contract extension if the individual is already in post.  For UK residency and Citizenship applications the advance will be recovered over a maximum of 24 months, unless agreed otherwise by HR, except where your contract is less than 24 months, when recovery will be over the duration of your contract
  7. If you leave College employment before the loan is repaid the outstanding debt will be deducted from their final salary;
  8. The department, division, school or institute will be required to underwrite the loan.
  9. It should be noted that where the total of any College loans (including season ticket loans) exceeds £10,000, there will be tax implications for the individual.

Procedure for advance

  1. You should email their completed form together with any other relevant information to their line manager or Departmental Operations Manager who will forward it to the Head of Department/Division/School/Institute
  2. Once approved, the Head of Department/Division/School/Institute should email the form to their HR Adviser/Manager to confirm that the request meets the conditions for the UK visa fees and/or Immigration Health surcharge costs salary advance.
  3. Once the HR Adviser/Manager has confirmed that the request meets these conditions, they should email the completed request to the Payroll Office, who will forward a copy to Accounts Payable where applicable, so that payment can be made into the current or prospective member of staff’s bank account. The individual will be notified by email as soon as a payment has been sent to a bank account.