Work Location Categories (valid until 29 September 2023)

The following categories have been established to help determine whether the work location of a role may combine working at a College location for part of the time and working remotely for part of the time, known as ‘hybrid’ working, as a temporary arrangement:

1. College Location – roles that are required to be on campus or a College site 100% of the time. 

Work that can only be carried out on campus; predominantly  roles requiring a physical presence to perform duties.

2. Hybrid – roles which can be performed through a combination of working at a College location and remote working (UK only). 

Hybrid working means that individuals are normally expected to work 60% or more of their time onsite, with 40% onsite the minimum requirement that may be considered. There will always be the need for flexibility to ensure operational requirements continue to be met and the delivery of work is maintained and as such these arrangements can be revisited. Hybrid workers may therefore sometimes be required to work at a College location for a greater number of days in any given week, including 100% of their normal contractual hours. 

Additionally, in exceptional circumstances, staff may request to be considered as a remote worker: remote almost 100% of the time with requirement to attend a College location 1-2 times per month. Remote workers may from time to time with reasonable notice be required to attend campus for meetings and/or training at the request of management.