All applications must be submitted online. The guidance below has been designed to assist you with your application.

What is the proposed level of any new or altered role?

This should be based on internal relativities, use of a ‘job bank’ of Hay evaluated standard roles and any previous relevant evaluations.

Budget impact
Please confirm that you have discussed the possible budgetary impact with your finance team & relevant budget holder and provide details on the resources to fund any required increase in the staffing budget.

Change in Duties & Responsibilities
Please explain how the duties and responsibilities of the role have changed. Your response should specifically address any changes in complexity and scale of the duties and the likely duration of the change(s). If the role is taking on new tasks/responsibilities, explain the reason for this and provide full details if they have come from another role.

Impact on other roles
Do the changes to the role(s) have an impact on any other jobs? If so, provide details of the impact on another role/team.

Business Case
This should include the reason for the request e.g. change in the external environment (new regulatory requirements, substantial changes in volumes) or an internal opportunity to improve efficiency and effectiveness (by redesigning processes), and the benefits associated with the change.

Recruitment options - how do you intend to recruit the role(s)?

  • External and internal recruitment
  • Internal recruitment - whole College
  • Internal recruitment - limited to a specific department or group

Additional information about how you intend to fill any new role(s)
This will need to follow established College processes and be proportionate to the scale of the proposed change. Any significant changes in structure must be implemented through the College’s Change Management procedure. You should discuss this your Strategic HR Partner to ensure you are following College policy.

Required documentation

  • New or amended job description(s) showing clearly where changes in job content are proposed
  • Exisiting and proposed organisational charts - these should clearly identify all roles that are impacted by the change and enable the panel to fully understand the operating model in the area(s) concerned
  • Confirmation the request has been approved by the Sponsoring Senior Manager

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