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This page contains information on engaging and managing casual workers, including: 

  • Legal and regulatory requirements relating to the hiring of casual workers
  • Set-up of a new or existing casual worker with a new work assignment
  • Casual worker payment
  • Information on roles

If you cannot find the information you are looking for on this page, or under the Frequently Asked Questions, please contact the Casual Worker team, using the button on the right.

Casual Work Management application

All worker setup and payment is done using the Casual Work Management application.  See Setup and Payment sections below for further information.  If you have a new requirement for a casual worker and have not been previously been setup in the application, please complete the Ad hoc casual work request form and email to the Casual Worker Team.

Legal and regulatory requirements 

When hiring casual workers, there are a number of employment and immigration regulations that must be adhered to. Failure to do so can have serious consequences for the hiring manager, College and the worker.

In brief:
For the manager, it is illegal:

  • to ask a worker to start an assignment before you have conducted a check which confirms their right to work.
  • to assign work in excess of the maximum weekly hours permitted by their visa conditions.
  • to continue to assign work to a worker whose right to work has expired.

For the worker, it is illegal:

  • to work if they do not currently have the right to work.
  • to work in excess of the maximum weekly hours permitted by their visa conditions.

Please note that the College payroll team are not permitted to process a payment for a casual worker if this will breach our legal obligations as an employer.

Please read the full 'Legal & regulatory requirements' in the Guidance box and do not hesitate to contact the Casual Worker team if you have any questions or need any training or support. 

Remember that if you ask someone to carry out work before the appropriate checks have been undertaken then the individual will not be paid and you may have a personal liability.

Worker and work assignment set-up

Note: This step must be done before work commences.  It is a legal requirement.  Also, workers are not able to submit timesheets for payment until this step is completed.

Departments with a regular requirement for casual workers (and any department already using the app): 

  • Once the recruitment decision has been made and before work commences, whether the worker is already a registered casual worker or not, Department Administrators use the Casual Work Management app to add a Requirement Schedule (RS) for any new casual work assignment.  (For existing workers with an open RS for the same role in the same department, a new RS is not required).
  • This triggers the worker onboarding process, which is done by the Casual Worker Team (CWT).  If the worker is already a registered casual worker, they are sent an Assignment Confirmation and work can commence.  If they are a new worker, Right to Work checks are done, they are issued with a Casual Hours Agreement, and they are setup on our HR system (ICIS).  Once this is done, work can commence.
  • Hiring managers should follow local departmental processes for recruiting casual workers and contacting their Department Administrators to trigger the worker setup, before work can commence.

Departments with a new ad hoc  requirement for casual workers, who are not yet setup to use the Casual Work Management application:

  • Please use the 'Ad hoc casual work request form' link in the Forms box and submit your completed form to the Casual Worker team using the contact button.  You will be set up to use the new Casual Work Management app to enter your work requirements, trigger the setup process and subsequently approve timesheets. 

Worker payment

Casual workers are paid on a monthly basis. The central payroll deadlines can be found on the 2022 Pay 8B submission deadlines‌.‌

Timesheet submission and approval process for payment: 

  1. The casual worker fills in the timesheets in the Casual Worker Timesheet app and submits to their manager for approval.  The system will not allow timesheets to be entered that would breach the worker's visa restrictions.  (See Existing Casual Workers page for links to the app for workers.)
  2. The manager checks that the hours recorded are correct and approves or rejects the timesheet in the app.  Managers receive a weekly email notification if there are timesheets awaiting their approval.
  3. The departmental Payroll Approvers verify and approve all timesheets in the app once they have been approved by the manager, making them ready for payroll. 
  4. All timesheets approved for payroll by 5pm on the Pay8B submission date will be extracted by the Payroll Team and processed for payment.