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The College provides you with a generous annual leave entitlement and additional paid College closure dates so that you may recharge your batteries spending time away from work. You are encouraged to take this leave to ensure a good work-life balance.

In order that you can maintain your health or care for your family, dependent on eligibilty, you are also offered enhanced payments for family leave, i.e. maternity, adoption, surrogacy, shared parental and paterinity leave, and also for sickness absence. 

On this page you will find details of leave benefits offered by the College.

Leave types

Annual leave

Holiday leave

If you are employed on the the College's standard terms and conditions of service linked to a Job Family, your holiday entitlement is 25 days (pro beach scene rata for part-time staff) and may be taken at any time in the year subject to prior agreement by your line manager.  Read the details of your holiday leave entitlement.

College closure dates

In addition to the standard public and bank holidays, College closes for extra days around Christmas and Easter. 

Additional holiday

The College runs an additional holiday leave scheme which allows you to buy additional holiday.  By doing so you agree to an equivalent reduction in your salary, spread out evenly across the period for which the leave has been granted (i.e. twelve or six months).

This scheme is discretionary, therefore, before submitting an application for additional holiday leave, you should first confirm with your manager, that your department/division offers the scheme.  Applications will not be considered if your department/division does not offer the option of taking additional holiday leave.

Family leave

The College recognises the demands of family life and is committed to supporting you in your endeavours to obtain a good work-life balance.  pregnant woman and calculator With this in mind, providing you meet the eligibility criteria, you are offered generously enhanced periods of paid family leave.  For further information, including eligibility criteria, leave and payment details, please read the relevant guidance for the specific leave type in which you are interested:

Special leave

There may be times when you will need to request leave for domestic and personal matters, or you may need time away from work for essential Scales of justice civil and public duties. There may also be occasions where it will be in the interest of the College to grant a period of leave, for example, so that you may collaborate with colleagues in other institutions or industry, or to provide for a period of academic refreshment and to pursue research interests or other activities related to your work within the College. These leave types are covered by our Special Leave policy.

For leave requests for the following reasons, please refer to our Special Leave policy to find the eligibility criteria, entitlement and how to apply for such leave.

Leave types:

  • Compassionate Leave
  • Leave for Domestic Emergencies
  • Family Emergencies
  • Parental Leave
  • Special Leave for Public Duties
  • Jury Service
  • Leave for Witness Duty
  • Leave for Service in the Volunteer Reserve Forces
  • Study Leave
  • Leave of Absence
  • Sabbatical Leave for Academic Refreshment
  • Sabbatical Leave for Personal Refreshment
  • Unpaid Leave

Sickness absence

The College operates a sick pay and leave provision above the statutory entitlements with sick leave provisions and payment varying according Pills on a calender to the length of your continuous service.  The purpose of this provision is to allow you time off from work to recuperate or to return to work gradually on medical advice, without the pressure of immediate financial worries.  Read more.