SAUL is a multi employer pension scheme, open to colleges and other institutions with links to the University of London. The following levels are eligible for SAUL under the Terms & Conditions operated by the College.

The SAUL scheme

SAUL is a defined benefit Career Average Revalued Earnings pension scheme.   Your pension at retirement is based on 1/75 of your salary, for each year that you are a member, added together and revalued each year by the rise in Cost Price Index (CPI). If the CPI increases more than 5%, the increase will be half the difference up to a maximum 10% increase in any one year.


  • Your contributions are 6.00% of pensionable salary
  • The College currently contributes 16% of your pensionable pay to SAUL in order to meet the cost of paying your pension.
  • You may increase your retirement benefits by paying Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs), either to top up your pensions, or building up a capital fund in a "money purchase" facility in a “Free Standing AVC” facility with the provider of your choice
  • Please note your contributions to SAUL qualify for tax relief at your highest marginal rate. The relief is given at source through the payroll. Contributions paid to any other Free Standing AVC arrangement are not usually deducted through Payroll, so do not attract tax relief at source. Your provider can tell you more about how you obtain tax relief on these contributions

Main benefits

SAUL CARE- A pension of 1/75th of each year's salary added together and revalued each year by CPI as outlined above . Plus, a tax-free lump sum of three times annual pension.

Please note the tax-free cash at retirement is in addition to pension.

Other benefits

  • Immediate life cover – a lump sum of four times your salary together with a pension for your dependants should you die before retirement whilst in employment.
  • An inflation-proofed pension – regular income, plus a tax-free lump sum, when you retire.
  • Long-term illness cover (after you have been in SAUL for two years) – an inflation-proofed pension for life, and a tax-free lump sum if you can't go on working because of long-term illness.
  • Job move simplicity – moving from one SAUL member institution to another is straight forward.
  • Quality benefits – a scheme that's equal to the best public sector pension arrangements and recognised as providing generous terms which overall are unlikely to be matched elsewhere.
  • Flexibility – you can, depending on circumstances, start receiving your pension before the scheme's normal retirement of 65 , subject to a reduction for early payment

Please note that nothing stated in this summary can override the Rules of the Scheme.

If you have any queries, please contact hrstaffhub@imperial.ac.uk.

Further sources of information

The registered office of the Trustee Company, to which enquiries about the scheme or about an individual's entitlements should be sent, is:

SAUL Trustee Company
1 King's Arms Yard
Tel: +44 (0)20 7776 4340
Fax: +44 (0)20 7776 4341