Mixed Reality tools


A list of Mixed reality tools for both VR and AR that are either free or offer free trials. All these tools are focused on collaboration possibilities in a VR space. The tools offer either or both VR/AR headsets and conventional Laptops as a way to join VR sessions.


Team Collaboration


MeetingRoom   https://meetingroom.io/

Offering a free Virtual meeting room for up to 8 people.

Rumii https://www.dogheadsimulations.com/education

An established VR Educational platform, which Harvard among others are using. A free trail can be downloaded for up to 3 users.

Spatial https://spatial.io/

Both VR and AR collaboration, and offers a free service for upto 4 people for 45 minute sessions.

VSpatial https://www.vspatial.com/

A now free VR workspace (due to Covid19) offers immersive workspaces for VR headsets and Virtual workspaces for Windows users.

SoftSpace https://www.softspace.io/

A tool for building virtual project spaces, for organising, communicating and developing ideas. This software is in Beta at the moment and free to download.

Immersed https://immersedvr.com/

A VR workspace that offers an interactive whiteboard, and works across devices. They offer a free public space for virtual coworking.

Teaching & Training

Engage https://engagevr.io

An educational VR platform that is used for VR events, training and online teaching sessions. Free to download.

Presentation tools


Dreams https://dreamos.com/

A free tool for Vive and Oculus headsets that allows users to present in VR using common tools, PPT, googleDrive etc.

Design Creation & Prototyping

Gravity Sketch https://www.gravitysketch.com/

A fully interactive design tool for VR that has a free 6 month trial for Education users through Steam.