Requests for access are reviewed by the Application Review Panel. Each Application is assigned to a lead reviewer from the Committee, who provides a brief report to the rest of the Committee. Before the request is approved, the application is circulated, together with the lead reviewer's report to all members of the panel who are then asked to approve the lead reviewer's recommendation.

Assessments are made via email. In the rare event that the Application Review Panel members disagree on an application for access, the application is discussed at the next full meeting of the Tissue Management Committee and a consensus decision reached.

Following approval, samples are released to researchers with an accompanying list providing a minimun dataset - the ICHTB ID number, donor's date of birth, date of operation/procedure (i.e. the date on which the sample was taken), gender, ethnicity, and pathological diagnosis, and a signed copy of their MDTA.

Researchers must provide a report on the use of their samples within an agreed time-frame, and provide recognition of the source of their samples and the funder of the Tissue Bank (NIHR BRC) in any publication. The form of words to be used is provided on the MDTA in the Application to access samples.