The Turner Kirk Trust Sprint Challenge funding recipients have been announced. The recipients are:

  • Prof. Henrik Jeldtoft JensenDr. Cristina Banks-LeiteDr. Samraat Pawar, and Ben Howes will be investigating how biological and mathematical frameworks can be combined to predict how vulnerable populations will be impacted by climate change. It is hoped that the model they create will help conservationists promote biodiversity and validate existing data.
  • Dr. Morena MillsDr. Vahid Shahrezaei and their team are aiming to make an agent-based model which simulates how people interact with resources in space and time. This will help conservationists predict how well conservation and restoration initiatives are adopted, and what the consequences of this will be on the system overall.
  • Dr. Domènec Ruiz-BaletDr. Rafael Chiaravalloti, and Dr. Mark Dyble will attempt to understand how we can avoid the ‘tragedy of commons’ — where many selfish actors exploit an unregulated resource until it is completely depleted. They aim to do this by using game theory to understand how small communities across the globe successfully conserve natural resources.