Inference group

Advanced novel statistical methodology with diverse applications in science and engineering.

The Inference Group

The Inference Group at Imperial is part of the Statistics Section of the Mathematics Department and is led by Professor Mark Girolami.  The activities of the group covers the investigation and development of advanced novel statistical methodology, driven by applications in the physical, chemical, engineering and socio-economic sciences.

For a full list of research activities please visit the projects page.  Please contact Professor Mark Girolami if you have any queries or are interested in collaborating.


  • June 2018: Alex Terenin was awarded the prize for the best poster at the Imperial College London SIAM Student Conference.
  • June 2018: Our group has been acknowledged by the STARTS Prize winners for collaborations on the world’s first 3-D printed metal bridge project.
  • April 2018: Our paper Stochastic modelling of urban structure has been published in Proceedings of the Royal Society A.
  • April 2018: Mark Girolami to lead a five-year project Bridging big data and engineering.
  • April 2018: Mark Girolami has been appointed the Lloyd’s Register Foundation / Royal Academy of Engineering Research Chair in Data-Centric Engineering.


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Recent Publications

L. Ellam, G. Pavliotis, M. Girolami, A. Wilson (2018), Stochastic modelling of urban structure, Proc. R. Soc. A, rspa.2017.0700, 2018.

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Chris J. Oates; Jon Cockayne; F-X Briol; Mark Girolami (2018), Convergence Rates for a Class of Estimators Based on Stein’s IdentityBernoulli, arXiv:1603.03220.
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C. J. Oates, S. Niederer, A. Lee, F-X. Briol & M. Girolami (2017). Probabilistic Models for Integration Error in the Assessment of Functional Cardiac Models. arXiv:1606.06841. Accepted for publication at "Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems" (NIPS).

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