This pillar’s work builds on several grants which focus on those who have been injured in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs), including the NIHR Global Health Research Group on POsT Conflict Trauma; PrOTeCT. Many of the traumatic injuries sustained in these countries have occurred during conflict situations, but there is also a high incidence of road traffic accidents and other injuries. There is some overlap with the Conflict Trauma and Non-Conflict Trauma pillars, but the work focuses on the different challenges that occur in low-resourced settings. This pillar looks to produce appropriate healthcare technologies for different settings globally, building on partnerships that have already been established in several countries (Cambodia, Gaza, Lebanon, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Tanzania).

Collaborations between engineers, scientists and clinicians in the UK and LMICs enable engineering and scientific solutions to help answer clinical need. Researchers in this pillar also have strong links with a number of NGOs and humanitarian organisations around the world.

Some of the paediatric blast injury work mentioned in the Conflict Trauma pillar is also relevant within this pillar.