The goal of the ITMAT Data Science group is to accelerate the development of new applications to clinical translation at the Imperial Biomedical Research Centre and the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

The focus of the ITMAT Data Science group is to enable biomedical scientific discovery through advanced applications of computational methods, development of novel algorithms and software, curation and sharing of analytical pipelines and data, and maintenance of existing software tools. Productivity and sustainability in clinical data analysis to enable rapid translation is the key goal of the group.

Our organisation builds on a number of core technology resources across Imperial College London and the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

Collaborations being sought

Collaborations and involvement in current and future research projects are being sought in the following interdisciplinary topics: cancer genomic-imaging, computational microscopy, multi-modal data fusion, multi-modal data analysis, multi- modal data exploration and visualization, deep learning, integrative omics signature discovery (from patient and cell lines), integrative omics and single cell omics, genomics & metabolomics integration, identifying non-coding variants underlying specific disorders, gene regulation and disease (cardiovascular, metabolic, neurological or cancer) using genomics, epigenomics and transcriptomics.

The projects can exploit either data from within Imperial or international cohorts, such as DPUK, BioBank, Airwave, MESA, TCGA.