What is your current role?


  • Design and manufacture rigs, fixtures and other experimental equipment
  • Technical support as part of team to research groups

David Bowler

"The work I do is like a kind of technical consultancy. A researcher might come up with an idea, but it’s my role to research it, design something that will work and then manufacture it."


How did you get there?
 Imperial College London  Apprentice  4 years
 Pobjoy Mint Ltd  Machinist  1 year
 Imperial College London, Mechanical Engineering  Technician, Strength of Materials Group  3 years
 Tarlow Engineering Ltd  Toolmaker/Machinist  3 years
 Imperial College London, Aeronautics  Technician  3.5 years
 Imperial College London, Physics  Technician, Experimental Solid State research group  4 years to date
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