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Welcome from the Scheme Director

Imperial College London's Graduate Management Training Scheme is a fundamental element of the College’s Talent Management initiative. It aims to ensure that high potential individuals are developed and retained so that they may help to consolidate, and build upon, our reputation as a world-class university.

The Scheme’s series of placements encompass teaching, research, students, finance, people, planning, income generation and service provision. Placements are augmented by training and external study opportunities, enabling participants to be well-placed to apply for managerial positions at the end of the three-year scheme, or during their third year.

Of crucial importance to the Scheme are the placement managers who are responsible for agreeing objectives, monitoring and supporting progress and undertaking mid and end of placement reviews. Additionally, a key component is that the second year trainees act as co-ordinators each year, providing the Scheme with continuity and cohesion.

The training scheme is only as good as those who apply and are selected. The Scheme is stretching – it has to be because the College is determined to retain its world-class status. If you wish to make a significant contribution and, at the same time, develop a range of important skills, take a look in more detail about what the Scheme entails.

Kim Everitt

Kim Everitt
Deputy Director of Human Resources