What did you do before joining the training scheme?


After graduating with a degree in Economics and Politics, I spent a year working for a government body focused on skills and employment policy across the four home nations supporting the development of policy briefings and providing project support across the portfolio of work.

What attracted you to the scheme?

Knowing that I was interested in higher education, I was looking for something that would give me the opportunity to try my hand at different areas and experience all that a large organisation would have to offer. I was attracted to the scheme because at the time, it was unlike anything else I had seen in terms of what it offered and what it would allow me to do. Just over a year into the scheme (three rotations in),  I am pleased to say that I am enjoying my time at College and still feel like there is a lot to learn and do!

What has been the highlight of your time on the scheme?

Across various placements, the opportunity to work with various people at all levels is something that I have highly treasured because everyone I have worked with has been very generous with their time and energy. Furthermore, being in such an awe-inspiring place such as the College, there are always interesting lectures, talks and many things going on. One of these that I have experienced is volunteering at the Imperial Festival. There is nothing quite like seeing thousands and thousands of people descending on the South Kensington Campus over one weekend to learn more about science!

Additionally, I am constantly amazed at the wide network of former trainees that exists across the College. With so many former trainees in a variety of roles across the university, it means there is always someone you can ask a question of as they are bound to have gone through what you are going through, and, are best placed to offer practical advice and support.

What would be your advice for applicants? 

Apply with an open mind for the possibilities are endless! The scheme is great because it opens you up to a lot of opportunities as there are many functions that I did not know that a university would have and it has been eye-opening to learn about them and to experience them first hand. Also, I would say don’t be afraid if you don’t already know which area you would like to go into. The scheme is rightly flexible for giving the opportunity to learn more about yourself and all that the College has to offer. Ultimately, it is about taking the time to figure out what you are interested in and this is definitely a great place to help you figure this out.