Department Operations Manager, Bioengineering

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I joined the management training scheme in 2006 and finished in 2009, undertaking placements with the College Secretary, Commercial Services, Finance, Registry, the Faculty of Medicine and the Research Office. I also spent my second year acting as the coordinator of the scheme - meaning that I had the opportunity to work directly with the Scheme Director, representing the other trainees.

Throughout, I was line managed by some of the most senior managers in the College – being able to see how those at a senior level get things done and tap into their experience was a real privilege.

I’d say that the thing I initially found most attractive about the scheme was the opportunity to move around key areas of the College, picking up core knowledge, especially across Support Service areas such as Finance, and the scheme didn’t disappoint. By the time I was into my second placement I realised that I’d already made contacts all over the College and knew a lot about how the place works.

Upon leaving the scheme, I spent 12 months setting up and running a Graduate Internship Programme for the College, whilst also on a secondment to the Faculty of Engineering as a Projects Officer in the Faculty office. I was then Research Operations Manager for the Department of Materials, managing their research portfolio, before taking up my current role as Department Operations Manager for Bioengineering where I oversee the department’s operational services concerned with teaching, research and administration and manage a team of administrative staff.

The management training scheme gave me the wide range of experience needed to undertake these roles and the opportunity to take on new challenges - I would thoroughly recommend the scheme to anyone interested in their self-development and looking for a challenging yet fulfilling environment to contribute to.