Imperial temporary staff talk

Areas within the College often have a need for temporary workers. Until now, apart from agency staff, casual workers were often sourced via word of mouth.

The Temporary Staff Bank is a database which has been created in order to hold information on individuals, including current students and casual workers, interested in working on a casual basis.

The Temporary Staff Bank is not currently open to registration by the general public.  It is only open to those who have a current or previous association with the College.

It provides a tool for individuals to record their skills, areas of work interest and availability and can be updated as required. The information contained in the system will then be accessible to departmental staff enabling them to search the pool of candidates and identify individuals for casual engagements.

The system can be accessed via a standard web browser and from within the Imperial College network only. Please log in using a College computer, or through the College wireless network.

If you are an individual wishing to register your details in the Temporary Staff Bank or a Manager wishing to search for a Temp, please click on the link below:

Access Temporary Staff Bank

Please click on the relevant link below for guidance and on-line demonstrations:

Individuals (wishing to register)
Managers (wishing to search the database)

Any employee wishing to register will need permission from their line manager before doing so.

Please raise a request via ASK HR Policy, Systems and Information (Temporary Staff Bank option) should you have any queries or require access to the Temporary Staff Bank .