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What is the Temporary Staff Bank?

The Temporary Staff Bank is a database which has been created in order to hold information on current students and casual workers/individuals interested in working on a casual basis. The information contained in the system is accessible by departmental staff looking to identify individuals for casual engagements.

I'm experiencing difficulties logging in. Who can I contact?

Please raise a request via ASK HR Policy, Systems and Information (Temporary Staff Bank option) should you have any problems accessing your record or using the system.



I can't update my details – who should I contact?

Please raise a request via ASK HR Policy, Systems and Information (Temporary Staff Bank option) should you have any problems updating your record or using the system.

Who is responsible for the data?

You are responsible for the data contained in the system. Once you have added your details, you are responsible for updating and maintaining this information.  It is therefore important that you keep your password secure and do not disclose it to anyone.

What can I do in the Temporary Staff Bank?

You can add/update details of your work preferences, availability, and experience.

Can I delete my details?

Hopefully, you will be happy for your details to remain on the database. However, if you wish you can remove them. If you are still working at the College you are able to delete your record. Simply log into your temp bank account and select Delete

Can I update my details once I have left the College?

You require a College logon in order to access the Temporary Staff Bank. Therefore, if you are a College Student then you will be able to update your details. However, if you have no other relationship with the College then you will be unable to update your details once you have finished your temporary work. Therefore, please ensure that you update your record before you finish your last day.

How is the Temporary Staff Bank accessed?

The Temporary Staff Bank is located on the College Intranet. Therefore in order to gain access you require a College logon.

What if I don’t have a College logon?

If you don’t have a College logon but wish your details to be included in the Temporary Staff Bank , please email for further assistance.

Why should I use the Temporary Staff Bank?

If you are interested in casual work at the College, entering your details ensures that your details are searchable by any managers looking to fill a casual post.

How will I know that I have successfully entered my details?

Once you have entered your details you will receive a confirmation email.

Will I receive emails at any other time?

Yes. You will receive confirmation emails anytime you update your details or if you choose to remove yourself from the Temporary Staff Bank. Please note that your registration email is sent once you have completed your registration and submitted your details.

How will I be contacted?

Managers will search the database and if your details match their criteria they will use the contact information entered in your record.

If I remove my details from the Temporary Staff Bank can I re-enter them?

Yes, providing you still have a College logon. If you remove your details and subsequently decide you do wish to be included yes you can re-enter your details. This would obviously also apply if your details had been removed in the annual College purge process.

How long will it take to register?

The process should take no longer than 5 minutes.