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AB - We report on the successful demonstration of selective acceleration of deuterium ions by targetnormalsheath acceleration (TNSA) with a high-energy petawatt laser. TNSA typically produces amulti-species ion beam that originates from the intrinsic hydrocarbon and water vapor contaminantson the target surface. Using the method first developed by Morrison et al. [Phys. Plasmas 19,030707 (2012)], an ion beam with >99% deuterium ions and peak energy 14 MeV/nucleon is producedwith a 200 J, 700 fs, >1020W=cm2 laser pulse by cryogenically freezing heavy water (D2O)vapor onto the rear surface of the target prior to the shot. Within the range of our detectors(0!–8.5!), we find laser-to-deuterium-ion energy conversion efficiency of 4.3% above 0.7 MeV/nucleon while a conservative estimate of the total beam gives a conversion efficiency of 9.4%.
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