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AB - Channel-fouling is a pervasive problem in continuous flow chemistry, causing poor productcontrol and reactor failure. Droplet chemistry, in which the reaction mixture flows as discretedroplets inside an immiscible carrier liquid, prevents fouling by isolating the reaction from thechannel walls. Unfortunately, the difficulty of controllably adding new reagents to an existingdroplet stream has largely restricted droplet chemistry to simple reactions in which allreagents are supplied at the time of droplet formation. Here we describe an effective methodfor repeatedly adding controlled quantities of reagents to droplets. The reagents are injectedinto a multiphase fluid stream, comprising the carrier liquid, droplets of the reaction mixtureand an inert gas that maintains a uniform droplet spacing and suppresses new dropletformation. The method, which is suited to many multistep reactions, is applied to a five-stagequantum dot synthesis wherein particle growth is sustained by repeatedly adding freshfeedstock.
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