If your research involves NHS patients, staff and/or facilities, your research cannot proceed without formal approval from the R&D Office at each of the NHS Trusts in which your research is to take place. 

You must consult as early as possible with the relevant R&D Office at each of the NHS Trusts in which your study is to take place, to discuss the requirements and impact of your research.  The R&D Office may also be able to help you locate appropriate expertise within the Trust for your research (i.e: the hospital pharmacy).

It is advisable to obtain an initial approval to proceed from the NHS R&D Office before you apply for ethics approval for your project. However, final R&D approval will be conditional on receiving a favourable ethical opinion as indicated below.

For R&D approval at Imperial it is a requirement that approval is obtained from the appropriate Divisional Research Manager (DRM) following feasibility review prior to submission to the JRCO for final R&D approval. 

Please see NHS Trust contacts for details of the R&D Offices at our partner Trusts.