ChemEng labs

We will review our curricula, creating time and space for innovation in education, for multidisciplinary activities and for students to reflect and integrate their learning


We will support departments in their review of undergraduate and postgraduate taught curricula. Additional staff resources will be available to enable departments to undertake this critical process.

A focus on curricula and assessment, which builds on outstanding practice already taking place at Imperial, is critical to delivering our ambitions for our graduates. We will create the time and space our educators need to introduce innovation. We will enable our students to engage in multidisciplinary activity and to reflect on their learning. Learning outcomes and forms of assessment will reflect the skills required for the 21st century context.

Strategic approach

Students will develop higher order skills, such as critical thinking and problem solving, alongside practical discipline mastery. By providing opportunities to apply knowledge in new and unexpected contexts, and time and space to reflect on learning, we will support students as they deepen their understanding of their discipline and their practical and applicable skills. Students will be provided with tailored, authentic feedback on the full range of their achievements.  

  • Activity across disciplinary boundaries: a modular structure that enables greater choice and flexibility within programmes
  • Applying knowledge in new contexts: new for-credit modules offering broader, integrative activities to apply disciplinary knowledge in new contexts, driving transformation of students’ understanding and identity. These activities might include societal engagement, entrepreneurship and student-led projects
  • Breadth of expertise: a consistent, College-wide approach to the availability of Horizons, a programme of wide-ranging and innovative courses designed to broaden our students' education within all undergraduate programmes
  • Authentic assessment: a variety of assessments to evaluate the full range of our students’ achievements and skills