Our vision for an Imperial education

We will focus our efforts on:

  1. A review of our curricula and assessment
  2. An evidence-based transformation of our pedagogy, to make teaching more interactive
  3. The fostering of an inclusive and diverse culture
  4. The development of online and digital tools to enhance curricula, pedagogy and community

Imperial will offer all its students a world-leading, rigorous, evidence-based, inclusive educational experience embedded in a vibrant research environment.

The Learning and Teaching Strategy supports the introduction of evidence-based innovation in education across the College, drawing on the great work that is already taking place. We are committed to ensuring that an Imperial education is:

  • Recognised as globally outstanding in the fields of science, engineering, medicine and business, with a focus on the skills needed to address current and future global challenges
  • Acknowledged as leading in technology-enhanced and innovative practice
  • Known for combining evidence-based pedagogy with a strong focus on community building, with students acting as partners in shaping their experience
  • Renowned for applying the rigour of research to the evaluation and enhancement of practice
  • Sought out by the world’s leading educators as a source of inspiration, aspiration and collaboration

We aim to provide a world-class education which is research-based, student-centred, evidence-based, inclusive and diverse, outward-looking and technology-enhanced. Our approach will be firmly based on evidence and will build on the many great examples of innovation in the College.

 You are invited to become part of this change.