The graduates of tomorrow

The value of an Imperial education is recognised across the world: we are consistently rated among the top global universities.

Each year, outstanding students join us to learn from and work alongside researchers at the cutting edge of their disciplines. When they leave the College as graduates, they are sought after by employers for their deep understanding of their subjects and their analytical, creative and entrepreneurial skills.

But the world is changing fast. Today’s students may ultimately move into professions that don’t yet exist. They will apply their considerable knowledge to global challenges that we still don’t fully understand or even appreciate. They will need to interpret ever-increasing volumes of data, work across disciplines, and above all thrive in a diverse, multicultural environment.

Our Graduate Attributes

We are committed to ensuring that Imperial graduates will:

  • Demonstrate deep conceptual understanding of their chosen discipline
  • Work effectively in multi-cultural, international teams and across disciplinary boundaries
  • Approach challenges with curiosity, critical thinking and creativity
  • Innovatively apply their skills to tackling complex real-world problems
  • Understand and value different cultures and perspectives
  • Have developed into independent learners with high self-efficacy
  • Display a strong sense of personal and professional identity