Curriculum Implementation workshop resources

Educational Evaluation 30 Oct 2019

This workshop focused on evaluation questions and methods.

Lab redevelopment 27 Nov 2019

This workshop was used to share plans, ideas and good practice, featuring cases studies from Medical Biosciences and Chemical Engineering.

Curriculum Implementation workshop resources

Collaborative active learning & team working 11 Dec 2019

In this workshop we looked at why certain approaches are successful and how you can address team working challenges both proactively and responsively.

EdTech Showcase 29 Jan 2020

The Faculty EdTech Teams and the Digital Learning Hub ran this exhibition-style event to share pedagogical techniques that are delivered through educational technology here at Imperial.

Curriculum Review workshop resources

31 Jan 18 Curriculum Review Kick-off workshop

The Curriculum Review Kick-off workshop brought together Curriculum Review Teams and key support contacts across the College. The workshop drew on expertise from Academic Departments as well as the Education Development Unit (EDU), the Registry, the Centre for Languages Culture and Communications (CLCC), the Digital Learning Hub, the Graduate School, the Library, the Centre for Academic English, the Student Union and the Careers Services.

21 Mar 18 Modularisation, QA and CMA workshop

This workshop offered an opportunity to discuss in detail the implications of curricula design and modularisation for progression and assessment within new curricula. The workshop also covered the requirements in terms of paperwork to submit via College’s Quality Assurance (QA) committees and compliance with the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in terms of what we present in our prospectus for programmes and what we communicate to current and prospective students.

Workshop resources

25 Apr 18 Assessment and Feedback workshop

Tiffany Chiu and Monika Pazio (Education Development Unit) worked with participants to explore assessment & feedback issues and questions that have arisen from Curriculum Review work. The session involved discussing, reconsidering and refining assessment and feedback practice.

23 May 18 Inclusive Curriculum Design workshop

Iro Ntonia & Kate Ippolito (Education Development Unit) worked with participants to explore how to use curriculum review and re-design as an opportunity to make teaching and learning more inclusive of all students, with the aim of: identifying and removing existing unnecessary barriers to learning, and making better use of diverse experiences and perspectives of students and staff.

Workshop resources

30 May 18 Embedding Communication Skills &Academic Literacy

Julie King, Julie Hartill and Liz Chiu (Centre for Academic English) worked with participants to explore the different ways in which departments can embed academic literacy and communication skills within their curriculum. The session focused on the goal of improving student performance in course assessments and showed how embedding literacy is one means of achieving this.

6 June 18 Developing and embedding information literacy

Staff from the Library Services liaison, Content and Discovery, and Scholarly Communications Management teams worked with participants to explore the ways in which departments can embed information literacy and subject resource support in to their curriculum. Participants considered the potential for co-design and co-teaching opportunities available by working with both information literacy teachers and Centre for Academic English.

Workshop resources

13 June 18 Putting making and invention back into education

Nick Jones and David Miller (Department of Mathematics and The Dyson School of Design Engineering) outlined possibilities for putting making, invention and innovation back into curricula/ The workshop focused on the potential for utilizing the Imperial College Hackspace as part of the core curriculum for undergraduates.

20 June 18 GTA support for new curricula and pedagogy

Richard Bale and Jane-Lisa Coughlan (Graduate School) worked with participants to explore how departments and the Graduate School can support the training of GTAs through the new GTA Programme. During the workshop, participants had the opportunity to review content and materials designed for three of the courses in the new GTA Programme.

Workshop resources

4 July 18evaluating innovative design and pedagogic research

Martyn Kingsbury (EDU) and Malcolm Edwards (Strategic Planning Division) worked with participants to explore opportunities for evaluation and the potential for pedagogic research. The session considered options for going beyond basic measures of student satisfaction and exam results as measures of knowledge gain when evaluating curricula change and innovation.

11 July 18 learning outcomes and modular architecture

Martyn Kingsbury (EDU) and Dan Todhunter (Registry) worked with participants to examine the role and purpose of intended learning outcomes (ILOs) and to explore the opportunities that arise from modular curriculum design. The session involved discussing and refining programme and module level outcomes and their relationships within modular structure and curricular architecture.


Workshop resources

18 July 18 Employers, Employment and Employability

This workshop offered the opportunity to delve into what employability means, how it links to the Imperial Graduate Attributes and discuss what the needs of employers and the labour market will be in the future. Participants considered examples of how employability and the Graduate Attributes can be embedded into a curriculum and mapped out where this happens or can happen in their own curriculum.

Future workshops

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