Staff and students in the workshop

We will develop an approach that places students at the centre of curriculum development and pedagogic transformation, recognising that working in partnership with students leads to higher quality outcomes.


To support the student partnership approach a new scheme will be developed and funded to offer students opportunities to work in partnership with staff to shape their education. We will also offer opportunities for students to become involved in space design and opportunities for our research student community to translate their cutting edge research into the curriculum quickly and effectively.

To ensure that we continue to recognise the immense value and insight that our student community can offer we need to ensure that an approach across the college places students at the centre of processes of educational change and innovation. Students will be empowered to be co-creators of curricula as well as being partners in the implementation and evaluation phases.

Strategic approach

  • Student engagement in positive change: establishing new ways for students to contribute to their own and to their peers’ educational experience as co-creators of teaching innovations
  • Engagement in new ways: We will develop novel ways to work in partnership with students, enabling them to co-create innovative teaching practice
  • Inclusivity of partnership: building on our inclusive culture we will ensure that our student partnership activities extend across our entire student community