Dame Ann Dowling

Chair, Professor Dame Ann Dowling

Head of Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge 


Professor Neil D Sandham

School of Engineering Sciences, University of Southampton, UK


Professor Ian Poll 

Professor of Aerospace Engineering, Department of Aircraft Engineering, Cranfield University, UK 


Professor Nigel Peake 

Fluid Mechanics DAMTP, Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge University, UK 


Professor Dan Henningson 

KTH Mechanics,  Stockholm, Sweden 


Apl. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Rist 

Stuttgart University, Germany 


Professor William Saric 

Aerospace Engineering, Texas AM University, USA 


Professor Henrik Alfredsson 

KTH Mechanics, Stockholm, Sweden 


Professor Jitesh S.B. Gajjar 

Department of Mathematics, University of Manchester, UK 


Mr Trevor Birch

Defence, Technology and Science Laboratory (DSTL), UK


Dr Stephen Rolston

Airbus Group Innovations


Mr Jerry Benton

Airbus UK


Professor Clyde Warsop

BAE Systems


Dr Nicolas Guernion

Senior Portfolio Manager, Engineering, EPSRC 

Affiliated researchers and academic visitors

  • Dr Stephen Cowley, Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge
  • Dr Christopher Davies, Reader in Applied Mathematics, Cardiff University
  • Professor Demetrios Papageorgiou, Chair in Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Physics, Imperial College London
  • Dr Aimee Morgans, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Aeronautics, Imperial College London
  • Dr George Papadakis, Reader in Aerodynamics, Department of Aeronautics, Imperial College London
  • Dr Peter Vincent, Lecturer in the Department of Aeronautics, Imperial College London
  • Dr Andrew Walton, Department of Mathematics, Imperial College London
  • Dr Tamer Zaki, Senior Lecturer in Multiscale Flow Dynamics in the department of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London