In the fieldStudents on the MRes Tropical Forest Ecology routinely contribute to active research programmes, and the training you receive means the project you conduct for your thesis should be should have value beyond obtaining your degree alone. For those interested in pursuing an academic career, the best outcome from your thesis is converting it into a publication – either as a standalone paper focussed on your thesis, or with your data and insights contributing to a bigger picture paper. 

We make publishing as easy for you as we can: we give a lot of detailed feedback on your project plan, we have regular writing workshops to help you hone the final product, and we require you to submit your thesis in a format suitable for submission to an international journal.  We know how important it is for students who want to go on in academia to get their work published, and thesis supervisors routinely provide support for students for several years after finishing the course to help them publish.

MRes Tropical Forest Ecology is a relatively new course, but we’re already seeing past students convert their theses into publications.  A couple of examples are:

Academic staff at Silwood Park Campus, where this course is hosted, have a long track record of helping students turn their theses into publications.  Other examples of Silwood Masters student projects in tropical forest ecology that have been published include: