We surveyed past students 12 months after completing the MRes Tropical Forest Ecology to understand more about their career trajectories after finishing the course.  They told us:

Positions of graduatesWhat is your current position?

Students are successfully using the course as a training ground for getting a PhD, with students enrolled in Doctorate programmes around the world: England of course, but also Scotland, Switzerland and Australia.

We’re not just training students for an ‘academic-only’ career though. Our past students have roles working in everything from research technicians and consultants through to video and news producers and software developers.  They’re finding jobs outside of academia: some have found employment with environmental NGOs and charities, others with research institutes, tech companies and consultancies.


Graph show all students felt the course helped them achieve their career goalsHas the course helped you towards achieving your career goals?

A resounding yes. Why? According to our past students:

  • “The research project I secured during this course gave me the connections and country-specific experience that directly helped me achieve this position”
  • “The course provided a solid foundation in terms of statistics, research experience and critical thinking to progress as a field technician.”
  • “I first made contact with the company [that now employs me] while I was at Silwood”


43 % critical, 57% useful

How important have the transferable skills you developed on this course been to your career?

We don’t just teach you about tropical forest ecology on the MRes Tropical Forest Ecology. The course is designed to arm you with a formidable set of transferrable skills that give you an advantage in the workplace. Those skills include statistics, geographic information systems (GIS), data management, critical thinking and writing.

  • “I use the GIS and writing skills in my current job a lot.”
  • “I use the skills and experience gained during this course every day: writing, statistics, scientific thinking.”

Graph shows 100% would recommend the courseWould you recommend the course to others?

It’s unanimous. Every student who completed this course recommended it.