The cross-faculty GIS Lab located at Silwood Park provides technical and analytical support to multiple research projects, tailor-made training for researchers and students, and facilitates access to many global and regional sources of geographical, environmental and biodiversity information relevant to particular scientific subjects and study areas.

Researchers and students benefit from access to licensed professional GIS software (ArcGIS, ENVI) and variety of freeware packages, high-performance workstations and collection of GIS handbooks and digital base maps. The facility includes a large-format plotter suitable for printing professional-quality maps and posters.

More than a hundred users a year use the GIS Lab’s facilities for tasks ranging from simple visualisation of field data and preparation of maps to  complex projects involving interpretation of satellite imagery, highly detailed global datasets and spatial statistical analyses. The GIS Lab is also directly involved in three long-term projects, with additional projects due to start in the coming year.

Students and staff members can book a slot for “GIS Surgery” – weekly consultations held by experienced biodiversity GIS analyst Dr Igor Lysenko. The GIS Surgery helps to identify efficient GIS solutions for spatial data analyses and can assist in designing of GIS components of research proposals.