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AB - <jats:p>Like most photosynthetic organisms, cyanobacteria are vulnerable to fluctuations in light intensity, which can damage their photosynthetic machinery. To protect against this, they use a photoprotective mechanism called non-photochemical quenching (NPQ), where excess absorbed photo-energy is dissipated as heat. In cyanobacteria, light activation of Orange Carotenoid Protein (OCP) is the critical first step in the NPQ response. OCP is also the only known photosensitive protein, which uses carotenoid for its activation. We summarize the current knowledge on the light induced reactions of OCP; the different mechanisms of activation that have been proposed; photocycle kinetics and characteristics; and the reported structural intermediates. We discuss the possible interpretations of reported experimental results, and we formulate important open questions and directions for future work, to reveal the molecular and structural basis of photosensing by OCP.</jats:p>
AU - Chukhutsina,VU
AU - van,Thor JJ
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TI - Molecular Activation Mechanism and Structural Dynamics of Orange Carotenoid Protein
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