The development of a working environment that is fully diverse and inclusive is a responsibility shared by every member of the department. The College offers a range of courses to raise awareness, to combat bias and to promote understanding of various issues around equality, diversity and inclusion.

Further support and information can be obtained from the College’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Centre.

In addition, the Department of Life Sciences arranges bespoke training sessions – see below for details. If you have a suggestion for a course or event that would be beneficial, please contact Geetika Masters


Unconscious Bias

Training materials developed for DoLS Staff:

Additional Resources

 Useful Tests:

 Feedback from participants

What will you do differently as a result of attending this module?

General comments

Stop, think!

Very good, thought provoking.

Do something about UCAS applications & anonymity.


It’s useful to see examples of such type of selection especially the difference between fast and slow responses.

Very useful – I am involved in Recruitment and it will be useful to be aware of unconscious bias in shortlisting

Be more aware of the multiple factors that can lead to bias.

Very useful.

I will consider more deeply my interaction with my colleagues.

Very good.

I will share the material.

Surprisingly positive.


Remind myself to consider unconscious bias when recruiting

It was noteworthy (and ironic) that some people attending found it difficult to change their prior views, at least initially. This stuff is important.


Bullying & Harassment

Training materials prepared for DoLS Staff

Feedback from Participants

What will you do differently as a result of attending this module?

General comments

Think better before I act

Really interesting and useful session

Listen more carefully to my staff

Great course – offer it to Postdocs as well

Will be better prepared to deal with issues as they arise

Good, thought provoking case studies

Aware of point of contact

Thank you, good training

Be more mindful and aware of possible bullying and harassment

Very useful

Read the College’s policy in detail and familiarise myself with legal issues

Very helpful (pleasant surprise!)