The following Staff, Postdocs and PhD students have been recognised for going above and beyond their role to support the Department:

2019 (announced at the DoLS Xmas drinks)

Joshua Blight & Alisje Churchyard (Research Associates) nominated by Jake Baum for being outstanding, dedicated team players and conscientious members of the lab

Paul Beasley (Workshop Technician) nominated by Flavia Trigo and Marie Russell for helping others and being an outstanding citizen in the Department

Matt Child (Sir Henry Dale Fellow) nominated by Stephen Curry for initiating the Friday afternoon lab socials

Ginny Ellis (Teaching Technician) nominated by Maureen Taylor and Kurt Drickamer for her positive attitude and being a valuable member of the teaching team

Will Pearson (Research Technician) nominated by Krista Grimes and the Dionne Lab for going above and beyond to support the CMBI student community 

Charles Aigbokhai (Faculty AV Support Asstant) nominated by staff for going above and beyond helping colleagues in DoLS, and being a friendly and reliable colleague

Geetika Masters (Executive Assistant to HoD) nominated by staff for her hard work and contributions to the Department throughout the year


Tanai Cardona (Research Associate) nominated by Izabella Higson (final year Biochemistry student) for his day to day work as project supervisor and providing excellent support and feeback

Carolina da Silva (Research Associate) nominated by Yiannis Demetriades (final year Biochemistry student) for being an excellent mentor and extremely helpful, supportive and patient! 

Suhail Islam (Senior Research Officer) nominated by staff for his outstanding efforts in supporting final year projects

Oleg Karpov (Research Associate) nominated by Yaniss Hamiche (final year Biological Sciences student) for being helpful, giving advice and ensuring projects were progressing well

Alex Leary (PhD Student) nominated by Sandra Bruderer (final year Biochemistry student) for being supportive, encouraging and a team player

Michal Mielcarek (Research Associate) nominated by Henry Yu (final year Biological Sciences student) for offering help and giving advice on experiment set-up and report writing

Alejandro Pena (Research Associate) nominated by Victoria Khoo (final year Biochemistry student)  for his time management, attention to detail and excellent teaching

Kate Sharples (Admissions Administrator) nominated by staff for her outstanding contributions in undergraduate admissions


James Andrewes (Education Manager) For his outstanding contributions to the education and well-being of our undergraduates

Amanda Ellis (Postgraduate Administrator) For her outstanding support for masters programmes at Silwood

Giorgio Gilestro (Lecturer) For being an outstanding citizen in the department across all elements of academic life

Hannah Jones (PhD Student) For her outstanding contributions to PhD culture in Life Sciences

Laura de Arroyo Garcia (PhD Student) & Marine Valton (Research Assistant) For their outstanding achievements in entrepreneurship