APRIL 2019

  • Noura Zamzam (Research Postgraduate, Supervisor: Professor Jasper van Thor )
  • Sabrina Slater (Research Postgraduate, Supervisor: Professor Gadi Frankel)
  • Alexandre Leary (Research Postgraduate, Supervisor: Dr Tolga Bozkurt)
  • Stefania Viola (Research Associate, Supervisor: Professor Bill Rutherford)
  •  Chiara Pirillo (Research Postgraduate, Supervisor: Dr Cristina Lo Celso)


April 2018


  • Cian Duggan, (PhD Student, Supervisor: Tolga Bozkurt)
  • Clare Wilkinson, (PhD Student)
  • Pinpunya Riangrungroj, (PhD Student, Supervisor: Karen Polizzi)
  • Phil Chapman, (PhD Student, Supervisor: Rob Ewers)
  • Edicson Parra Sanchez, (PhD Student)
  • Olga Chukhutsina, (PhD Student, Supervisor: Jasper van Thor)
  • Anderson Brito, (PhD Student, Supervisor: John Pinney)
  • David Gallego,  (PhD Student, Supervisor: Gad Frankel)
  • His-Cheng Ho, (PhD Student, Supervisor: Samraat Pawar)
  • Demetrius Lira Martins, (PhD Student, Supervisor: Jon Lloyd)
  • Marine Valton, (Research Assistant, Supervisor: Patrik Jones)


September 2017 - 40% of the applications were awarded as follows:

  • Bruno Gallo - PhD student (supervisor: Guy Woodward)
  • Fiona Angrisano - PhD student (supervisor: Andrew Blagborough)

April 2017 - 50% of the applications were awarded as follows:

  • Danielle Gallagher, PhD Student (supervisor: Patrik Jones) 
  • Feng Qu, PhD Student (supervisor: Konstantinos Beis) 
  • Maaike van Agtmaal, Postdoc (supervisor: Thomas Bell) 
  • Sarah Wettstadt, PhD Student (supervisor: Alain Filloux) 
  • Luke Allsop, Postdoc (supervisor: Alain Filloux) read report
  • Sonia Rebollo Ramirez, PhD Student (supervisor: Gerald Larrouy-Maumus) 
  • Michael Burgass, PhD Student (supervisor: Benjamin Halpern) read report
  • Dimitris Kontopoulos, PhD Student (supervisor: Samraat Pawar) read report
  • Kathrin Witmer, Postdoc (supervisor: George Christophides) read report
  • Michael Fasseas, Postdoc (supervisor: Michalis Barkoulas) read report
  • Jana Hagen, Postdoc (supervisor: Murray Selkirk) 
  • Jamie Berry, Postdoc (supervisor: Steve Matthews) 
  • Ian Yunus, PhD Student (supervisor: Patrik Jones) 


  • Constandina Pospori, Postdoc (supervisor: Cristina Lo Celso) read report
  • Michelle Jackson, Postdoc (supervisor: Guy Woodward) - read report


  • Thomas Scheuerl, Postdoc (supervisor: Thomas Bell) - attended the conference “Community ecology for the 21st Century” in Portugal from 17th-19th October 2016 - read report
  • Ioly Kotta - Loizou, Postdoc (supervisor: Martin Buck) - attended the 6th European Congress of Virology, October 19-22, 2016, Hamburg, Germany - read report
  • Katie Farrant, PhD Student (supervisor: Huw Williams)

SPRING 2016 -  64% of the applications were awarded as follows:

  • Rita Berkachy (Kleoniki Gounaris)
  • Delfim Duarte (Cristina Lo Celso)
  • Bernardo Garcia Carreras & Sofia Sal Bregua (Samraat Pawar) - attended the Gordon Research Seminar and Conference on \Unifying Ecology Across Scales - report
  • Ghosh Dipankar (Patrik Jones) - attended the Metabolic Engineering Conference held at Osaka, Japan - read report
  • Laura Johnson (Tim Barraclough) - attended the International Society for Microbial Ecology (ISME) conference -  report
  • Burak Kabasakal (James Murray) - attended the 16th International Conference on the Crystallization of Biological Macromolecules (ICCBM’16) - report
  • Inma Perez Dorado (Ernesto Cota Segura) - attended the Structural Aspects of Infectious Disease, Biochemical Society, August 2016 - read report
  • Joe Yu (Pietro Spanu) - attended the 2016 IS-MPMI XVII Congress - report

AUTUMN 2015 -  50% of the applications were awarded as follows:   

  • Christ Furniss (Abigail Clements) – attended the EMBO New Approaches and Concepts in Microbiology, Oct, Germany - read report
  • Sam Lloyd (Andrew Knight) - attended the Symposium of Contemporary Conservation Practice, Nov, KZN South Africa - read report  
  • Corinna Mattheis (Gad Frankel) – attended the attending the EMBO New Approaches and Concepts in Microbiology, Oct, Germany - read report
  • Sarah Rouse (Steve Matthews)  - will attend the 60th Annual Biophysical Society Meeting, Los Angeles, USA

SPRING 2015 -  50% of the applications were awarded as follows: 

  • Jackie Cheung ( Gloria Rudenko)  - attended the Kinetoplastid Molecular Cell Biology Meeting  in Woods Hole to present a talk on her PhD project -  read report 
  • Andrea Fantuzzi (Bill Rutherford) - attended the Gordon Research Conference in Photosynthesis (2015), Bentley University, USA - read report
  • Isabel Fenton (Andy Purvis)  - attended a workshop on ‘Regulators of Biodiversity in Deep Time’ and the Evolution 2015 conference -  read report
  • Ville Friman (Thomas Bell) 
  • Mathilde Gendrin (George Christophides) - attended the Keystone Symposium The Arthropod Vector: The Controller of Transmission, New Mexico - 
  • Marius Kaucikas (Jasper van Thor)  - attended the Time Resolved Vibrational Spectroscopy (TRVS) Conference, Madison, USA -  read report  
  • Cecilia Larrosa (E.J. Milner-Gulland) - attended the 27th International Congress for Conservation Biology (ICCB) and the 4th European Congress for Conservation Biology (ECCB) - read report  
  • Dave Uygun (Bill Wisden) - attend the "Inhibition in the CNS" conference which was held at Bates College in Lewiston Maine - read report 
  • Sietse van der Linde (Martin Bidartondo) - read report  
  • Rachel Vaux (Murray Selkirk)