Postdoc Handbook

All the info you need for your time as a Postdoc in the Department of Life Sciences: view and download the DoLS Postdoc Handbook (PDF)

Welcome to the Department of Life Sciences!

Before You Start

  • Your line manager will contact you to agree a time when you should arrive on your first day and will let you know where you should report to. Just in case you don’t hear from them – your first point of contact is Geetika Masters at South Kensington Campus or Emma Proctor at Silwood Park campus.
  • You may want to take a look around on our website, have a read of our Newsletters or find out about our latest Departmental Seminar Programme to find out more about all the wonderful people you’ll be working with!

On Your First Day

  1. You’ll be greeted by your line manager (or a nominee) and will be introduced to your immediate workplace and colleagues
  2. You and your inductor must complete the Day One Safety Induction (includes tour of the buildings) before you can be issued the College Access Card
  3. College Access Card – you will need to take with you the signed day one safety induction checklist together with a copy of your contract, and a form of ID, to get the access card from the Security Office. You’ll also have to pose for a photo. It should be quick and easy. Avoid start of term
  4. IT – your manager will receive an email once your log in details have been set up – from there, it’s just straight forward to set up your email account
  5. You will meet a member of the HR team (you’ll receive information about your meeting with HR with your employment contract). This meeting is important as HR will make sure you have completed all relevant documentation to start your employment (and enrolled to payroll) and answer any immediate HR related questions you may have
  6. We’ll arrange for you to have a meeting with Professor Anne Dell, the Head of Department, Prof Stephen Curry, the Chair of the Equal Opportunities Committee and your Academic Mentor and Stefan Hoyle, Head of Health & Safety (Faculty of Natural Sciences). You’ll be advised in advance.

Your first week

  • Complete the College’s induction checklist with your line manager.
  • Familiarise yourself with useful Policies and Procedures

Key Contacts





Office Location

Professor Anne Dell

Head of Department of Life Sciences

020759 45214

204, 2nd Floor, Sir Ernst Chain Building

Mrs Geetika Masters

Executive Assistant to Head of Department

020759 47621

211, 2nd Floor, Sir Ernst Chain Building

Professor Erhard Hohenester

Deputy Head of Department

020759 47701

406, 4th Floor, Sir Ernst Chain Building

Professor Tim Barraclough

Deputy Head of Department (Silwood Park)

020759 42247

N2.4, Silwood Park

Professor Pietro Spanu

Chair of the Equality Diversity and Inclusion Committee 

020759 45384

610, 6th Floor, Sir Alexander Fleming Building

Mr James Andrewes

Education Office Manager

020759 45234

202, 2nd Floor, Sir Ernst Chain Building

Mr Stefan Hoyle

Head of Health & Safety (Faculty of Natural Sciences)


(desk 518), 5th Floor, Sir Alexander Fleming Building

Mr Richard Bowman

Departmental Manager (Research)

020 759 47336

5th Floor, Sir Alexander Fleming Building

Dr Huw Williams

Director of Undergraduate Studies (Biology)

020 759 45383

507, 5th Floor, Sir Ernst Chain Building

Dr Kleoniki Gounaris

Director of Postgraduate Studies

020 759 45209

205, 2nd Floor, Sir Ernst Chain Building

Ms Pat Evans

Departmental Operations Manager

020 759 45396

502, 5th Floor, Sir Alexander Fleming Building

 Other Useful Information

Training the Department expects you to undertake:

Recommended training: Imperial Leadership and Management Development Programme (ILMDP) 


All academics have a unique account code known as a Lecturers or F account. The account provides an audit trail for departmental expenditure incurred by individual academics and are managed using ‘credits’ transferred from central budgets.

Start-up allowances are credited to this account, once start up allowance has been spent the department credits an annual allowance, dependent on the size of the academics research group, which is typically used for expenditure that cannot be charged to grants. Examples include telephone bills, stationery and general non- project related consumables.

Contacting the Head of Department

The Head of Department, Professor Anne Dell has an open door policy which means that you can contact her to discuss any matters that concern you or you need clarification on. You can either email her directly or make an appointment via Geetika Masters.