If you are interested in learning more about MFL activities in this area, or have ideas for a new research project, please contact the theme lead(s) below.
Research themeTheme lead
 Additive manufacturing Dr Paul Hopper
Dr Francesco Montomoli
 Agri-food Dr Laura Barter
Dr Rudiger Woscholski
 Bio-based economy Professor Paul Freemont
Dr Jason Hallett
Professor Richard Kitney
Professor Nilay Shah
Professor Tom Welton
 Future electronics Professor Donal Bradley
 Innovation and new business models Professor David Gann
 Innovative production processes Professor Andrew Holmes
Professor Jianguo Lin
 New materials and micro/nano devices Dr Jason Riley
Professor Milo Shaffer
 Product design Professor Peter Childs
 Resource Efficiency Professor Chris Cheeseman
Professor Sue Grimes
 Robotics Professor Alessandro Astolfi
Dr Andrew Davison
Dr Yiannis Demiris
Dr Ferdinando Rodriguez
Dr Ravi Vaidynathan
Sustainable manufacturing Professor Sandro Macchietto
Professor Tom Welton
Therapeutics Prof Sakis Mantalaris
Underpinning chemistry Dr Mimi Hii
Dr Klaus Hellgart
Underpinning ICT Professor Berc Rustem
Professor Thomas Parisni
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