Proteomics and Glycomics

The mass spectrometry core facility provides "high-end" MS research as part of the Centre for Integrative Systems Biology and Bioinformatics (CISBIO). We provide Imperial College researchers access to MS instrumentation for Proteomics and Glycomics, as well as analysis and advice on the application of mass spectrometry for solving biopolymer structural problems.


CISBIO Mass Spectrometry Core Facility

Mass Spectrometry

Mass SpectrometryThe core facility provides hands on training in proteomics and glycomics for Imperial College researchers and provides undergraduate teaching and exposure to cutting technologies in mass spectrometry.


ProteomicsThe CISBIC MS facility provides proteomic support for research projects across the Imperial College. For example, we have characterised affinity purified proteins from cells bearing tumour associated glycans.


GlycomicsRapid and sensitive MS methods constantly being developed and applied to the analysis of glycan profiles across tissues and cell lines in the study of their glycomes. These glycomic applications are routinely applied to investigate changes, for example, between normal and diseased states.

Systems Biology

Systems BiologyThe core facility provides proteomic and glycomic support for the interdisciplinary scientific activities of CISBIO.