Women@Imperial Week

Join us for a week of exciting events that highlight the research and opinions and of women in the Department of Materials. 

Monday 8 March  

12:00 - 13:00 – Dr Jessica Wade, LCN Seminar – Chiral materials and their application in next-generation devices (all welcome)  

Abstract: From wearable sensors to personalised medicines and solar panels, nanostructures made from functional organic molecules are already enhancing our lives. In fact, the most miraculous molecular structures of all exist as non-superimposable mirror image pairs; where the left and right-handed forms can have remarkably different interactions with electric and magnetic fields. Ultra-thin layers of these chiral molecular structures can be used to generate circularly polarised light for efficient display technologies, filter electron spins for high performance spintronic devices and to create encrypted patterns for security tags. In this talk, we will explore the mechanisms by which these strong chiral-optical (chiroptical) effects manifest in organic thin films and how to optimise the magnitude of the chiroptical response for future. 

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Wednesday 10 March 

12:30 - 14:00 Women in Materials Talk and Panel Discussion (all welcome)

This year, we will host a Women in Materials Talk and Panel discussion! Hear more about the work of our researchers during COVID-19 and join Dr Jess Wade's talk on how we can all support diversity in science and engineering, which will lead to a panel discussion. Everyone is welcome and there will be time to ask your questions! 

The speakers and topics for the talks are:

12:30 - 12:35: Introduction by Dr Eleonora D'Elia and an insight into the Materials EDCC.

12:35 - 12:50: Dr Leah C. Frenette, Research Associate, Department of Materials - 'Advancing biosensing strategies at the point of care during COVID-19'

12:50 - 13:05: Sarah Fothergill, PhD candidate, Department of Materials – 'Plasmonic biosensing in the time of COVID-19'

13:05 - 13:15: Break + Questions from the audience to the speakers

13:15 - 13:35 Dr Jess Wade - How we can all support diversity in science and engineering.

13: 35 - 14:00: Panel Discussion with Dr Eleonora D’Elia (Chair), Professor Mary Ryan (Academic Research and Leadership), Dr Jessica Wade (RF), Dr Leah C. Frenette (RA), Sarah Fothergill (PhD), Tabasom Haghighi (PhD), Emily Li (UG).

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Thursday 11 March  

14:00  Women@Imperial Week:  Building Networks of Early Career Materials Women (closed event for Materials Postdocs only)

Join the Postdoc and Fellow women for a casual coffee afternoon, with the opportunity to connect, swap expertise and share experiences of navigating as early career researchers.

17:00 -  SPIE Women in Optics – with Anita Mahadevan-Jansen, hosted by Dr Jessica Wade  (all welcome)

A monthly interview with women in the community to learn about their research and hear their advice to other women in the field. Hosted by 2020 Diversity Outreach Award recipient, Jess Wade, this series is part of our efforts to encourage and inspire women to bring their ideas to light.

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Friday 12 March

12:00 - Women's Informal Staff/Student Coffee (closed event for Materials staff/students only)

Come to our unique ‘virtual common room’ experience to meet and chat with women from across the department! The aim is to facilitate discussion amongst students and staff who might be able to offer advice or guidance or just chat in a fun environment.  

You will be able to walk around the common room, create small discussion pods or larger groups, play a game together, check out our video on inspirational women, or write on our shared whiteboard to give feedback or ideas for future events.

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