This high-resolution field emission gun scanning electron microscope (FEG SEM) is a valuable tool for the imaging and analysis of nano-scale materials. Some nano-size oxides and thermoplastics are sensitive to high accelerating voltages and so higher resolution images may be obtained using this FEG SEM at lower accelerating voltages. These conditions enable the observation of non-conducting dry samples. Current research includes characterisation of carbon nanotubes, grain growth and orientation in processed metals, X-ray analysis and characterisation of glasses, ceramic coatings and metals, and imaging of nano-porous materials.

Chemical analysis can be carried out on the Oxford Instruments INCA.

Carbon nanotubes produced by chemical vapor deposition

High resolution characterisation of the size and distribution of nanoparticles can be conducted with speed and minimum sample preparation using this FEG SEM.


Distribution of three types of gamma prime phase in Ni-based superalloyThe image here illustrates the distribution of 5-10 nm second phase particle in Ni-based superalloy. 

LEO Gemini 1525 FEGSEM help and support

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