An image of Ling Liu

1)    Can you tell us about yourself? 

My name is Ling Liu. I majored in Polymer Materials Science and Engineering during four-year undergraduate study in China. I am keen on jumping out of my comfort zone to take up new challenges. Not surprisingly, studying at Imperial College London as an MSc student was just one of the greatest challenges, a lurch away from the previous life. 

2) Why did you choose Imperial Materials for MSc study?

I can still recall that one TED talk delivered by Prof. Molly stevens from the Department of Materials ignited my passion to apply the Advanced Materials Science and Engineering at Imperial College London when I was a sophomore student. Meanwhile, this speech sparked my interest on biomaterials.


3)  How do you find the course? Any highlights so far?

The course offers wide choice to satisfy students from various UG background.  Apart from the course, I love the academic atmosphere here. Students are encouraged to express their own thoughts during class. No matter what questions we raised, simple or complex, they will all be valued by our professors who are willing to clarify to their best.  

4)    What is your typical day like? 

As a non-native speaker, I had to set aside a certain amount of time for my study to ensure full comprehension. Working out at our school gym was also a routine of mine. In addition, I wanted to try as many different things as possible. For example, visiting cafes provided a unique opportunity to get closer to British culture. I travelled between South Kensington and White City to work with the founder of ComfortBreak at Hackspace where we brainstormed and brought our innovation to life. Imperial is a truly thrilling platform to help me see a world of possibilities and encourage me to explore myself. I have to say this short period of time will always be the highlight in my life.