Anvesh Rajeshirke

An image of Anvesh Rajeshirke Can you tell us about yourself? 

I’m Anvesh D. Rajeshirke. I come from India. I’m a doctoral student in a Department of Materials. I’m working on 2 dimensional functional material known as Graphene.

 Can you provide a summary of your research? 

I’m investigating electronic properties of Graphene in order to build ultra sensitive bio-sensors. I would like to develop graphene based surface acoustic and film bulk acoustic wave sensors, which will accurately detect a mass down to 10-15gram and further. This ultra-sensitive sensor can be optimised  to detect lowest concentration of viruses such as a SARS-COVID-2 that will be helpful to easily identify asymptomatic virus carriers.

Why you chose to study at Imperial and has your experience been so far? 

Imperial College London provides state of the art labs for fabricating and characterising thin film technology. It also provides training and support to work safely in the labs. Imperial has research teams working on cutting edge research topics to find solutions for day to day problems. These are the main reasons I’ve chosen to study at Imperial. Though a Corona virus has severely affected education system and research facilities, Imperil College has been able to find solutions to keep college running. So far my experience has been good. Due to a work from home rule, currently the labs are closed. Our research group is working on COMSOL Multiphysics simulation software. So by the time the labs will reopen, our group will be well prepared with solid theoretical background.

What are your top tips for completing a PhD at Imperial? 

Be a critical thinker, be assertive!

‘Throughout my career I failed countless times but one thing that I have learned is to take a deep breath and to move forward.’