An image of Alexis AbayomiDegree programme: MEng Material Science and Engineering
Year of Graduation: 2017
Current job role and organisation: Senior Data Analyst Consultant at EY and Founder/ CTO of UCycleSync

 Why did you chose Imperial? 

It has one of the best Materials Science Departments in the country. 

I love the Royal School of Mines building. 

During my AS - levels, I became obsessed with regenerative medicine and read some of Professor Molly Stevens work. I thought it would be so cool to be in the same department as Professor Molly Stevens. 

What are your top three memories from your time here?

  • Varsity 2017: I was happy that my team won. I was just so proud and also excited that netball was coming to an end, so I would have more time to focus on my work. Right now, it would be a dream to the 3s back together for a netball match. 
  • Being in G10 (Materials Student Common Room) with friends on the sofa. No matter how hard the course got, it was so good that we had each other. 
  • Also having much fun with netball, the African and Caribbean society and my coursemates in G10. 

Can you tell us about your current occupation?

For now, I am working as a Data Analyst at EY. When I started a consultancy, I didn't really know what that would involve. I naturally moved to the Data Team because this allowed me to apply the investigative and analytical skills that I learned during my degree.

I also decided to focus my researching skills on founding a start-up UCycleSync. I look forward to working on this full time come January.

What piece of wisdom can you share with our current students? 

Do the work. Procrastination is not going to help. In order for you to really enjoy sports or other activities or going out, the work needs to be done. Doing work early makes it more enjoyable and you get it out of the way to make time for the other things and people in your life. This is a lesson that I am still working on. 

I have also created a collage of pictures of myself at work to address the question of how I wear my natural hair in a corporate setting. This was something that I didn't see very often and this is my way of answering the question I had 3 years ago. 

Six images of Alexis Abayomi at work