Most of the members of this group are from the Statistics Section and Biomaths research group of the Department of Mathematics. Below you can find a list of research areas that members of this group are currently working on and/or would like to work on by applying their developed mathematical and statistical methods.

Research areas

Research areas



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AB - We develop a theory of covariance and concentration matrix estimation on any given or es-timated sparsity scale when the matrix dimension is larger than the sample size. Non-standardsparsity scales are justified when such matrices are nuisance parameters, distinct from interest pa-rameters which should always have a direct subject-matter interpretation. The matrix logarithmicand inverse scales are studied as special cases, with the corollary that a constrained optimization-10based approach is unnecessary for estimating a sparse concentration matrix. It is shown throughsimulations that, for large unstructured covariance matrices, there can be appreciable advantagesto estimating a sparse approximation to the log-transformed covariance matrix and convertingthe conclusions back to the scale of interest.
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