Casual workers at the department provide varied support for all staff and students. The majority are Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs), but a casual worker can take on any task including, but not restricted to, academic support for staff (editing, research), sofware development, event assistance, and administrative tasks. 

Any person with a right to work in the UK, who is not already on contract with Imperial, can be a casual worker.  That is, someone who is a Research Assistant or a contingent worker (a person who can access College's systems, but does not get paid, such as an Academic visitor) cannot be a casual worker at the same time. Their current status would have to be terminated and they would need to register as a casual worker.

The process for registering Casual Workers is managed by the Central Casual Work Team. To start registration process, please email worker CID and intended work description to and we will pass the details to the Casual Work Team. Everyone must have a Right to Work Check by law, irrespective of their citizenship. Please visit this link to learn more about casual work at Imperial: Temporary Worker Appointments

For any questions or comments, please contact


Casual work information

Engaging casual workers/GTAs

If you would like to engage someone for casual work first you must ensure they are registered. You can check registration status of someone by emailing If they are not registered, we just need their CID to start of the registration process. Please send email to with the CID. The Casual Work Team must conduct a Right to Work check on everyone by law, irrispective of citizenship, prior to them commencing work of any kind. If this is not completed prior to work start (including training), the worker will not be able to get paid for those hours.

Before work commences, please agree the pay rate in writing and email the details to including special budget code, if required.

Getting support from Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs)

If you would like a GTA for your module, there are different processes for modules taught in different years.

Years 1 & 2

GTAs for modules taught in years 1 and 2 are assigned by the following process:

  • Senior GTAs are interviewed and assigned by Marie Amelie Lawn.
  • New GTAs are interviewed and trained by Marie Amelie Lawn and Senior GTAs
  • All GTAs provide their teaching preferences in a module teaching selection survey, which is used to allocate GTAs to all Year 1 and Year 2 modules. There are 9 GTAs per core module including a senior GTA. Elective module GTA support depends on student numbers.

If you would like particular PhD students on your GTA team, please email Milda Batutiene.

Years 3, 4 & MSc

If you would like a GTA for modules taught in years 3, 4 and MSc please first contact Chris Hallsworth (or MSc programme director) and Harry Zheng to get approval and discuss funding.

There is a small number of modules, which are very popular each year (100+ students) which get automatic approval for GTA support. Explicit approval usually is given to modules with large student numbers (30+) with an arrangement of 1 GTA per approx. 30 students. If you have fewer than 30 students, you can still have GTA support, but you will likely have to fund the work from your F account.

Once you have approval, you should identify the PhD students whom you would like to be your GTAs. If you have difficulties contacting the PhD students, you can ask Milda to send out a call on your behalf. Please let Milda know as soon as possible who your GTAs will be, as they must be registered casual workers before any training/work has started.


How to Claim and Payment

Claiming pay

Once you have registered and completed work, you should claim your pay by emailing a completed Pay8b (Excel) form to by the last Sunday of the month (all dates are listed below). Please include other task providers in the email, so they can confirm the work completed. Sometimes, you might need to first email a specific staff member for them to check the form, who will then pass it on to 

If you have difficulties with filling out MS Excel form you can use MS Office 365 provided by Imperial or use a public PC on campus.

When filling out the form, please do the following:

  • Only complete the sections highlighted in blue (columns A-K and U-V), one row per week, type of work, and module, if for marking and/or demonstration.
  • Make sure you fill out all lines fully with your CID & Name, without row spaces between claims. A script processes all forms, ignoring the file name, meaning any claim row without complete information cannot be identified; blank rows between claims will stop the script processing and any further claims will be ignored.
  • Select work type from drop down menu (U), which will pre-fill your pay rate.
  • State in the 'Comments' column (T) if work relates to particular module and who assigned work, if it was not UG office. 
  • Do not include claims you sent in previously, even if they have not been paid yet.
  • Please save you filename as in the following format (ignoring the quotes): "YourLastname, YourFirstname_Pay8b_Month" e.g. Matics, Matthew_Pay8b_November.
  • All work types and rates are listed below.

You can put all of the work you have completed for the month into one form and claim it monthly. Delaying submission might delay your pay even further or cause issues with processing the pay if your details change, for example, if your status with the college changes or your right to work expires – we might not be able to pay late claims in such cases.

If you submit your claim form after the deadline (and everything is correct), your payment will be delayed until the next payment run.

Monthly deadlines and paydays are listed below.

Monthly Deadlines 2021
Pay8B  Email (Sundays 23:59)Pay Day
31 January 2021  24 February 2021
28 February 2021  24 March 2021
28 March 2021  23 April 2021
25 April 2021  24 May 2021
30 May 2021
 24 June 2021
30 June 2021  23 July 2021
27 July 2021  24 August 2021
29 August 2021
 24 September 2021
26 September 2021  22 October 2021
31 October 2021  24 November 2021
28 November 2021  23 December 2021
19 December 2021  24 January 2022
30 January 2022  24 February 2022
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Pay rates

Before starting work all casual workers should be given a written instruction of how much they will be paid per hour. College also pays additional 12.07 % on top of the hourly rate as a statutory holiday pay. In the mathematics department, we have set rates for certain work. These are:

NoWork typeRateDescription
 1 Demonstrating (standard)  £16.21 All demonstrating work & training, unless specified otherwise
 2 Demonstrating (Year 1 & 2 problem classes)  £19.44 Teaching year 1 and 2 problems class in Maths department (except Introduction to computing)
 3 Demonstrating (Year 1 & 2 Senior GTA)  £24.31 Senior GTA work, paid per demonstration session a week
 4 Demonstrating (higher)  £27.54 JMC tutorials; work requiring high preparation load
 5 Marking (CW)  £15.98 All marking work, unless specified otherwise
 6 Marking (CW) Before 01/08/2021  £15.7 All marking work, unless specified otherwise agreed before 01/01/2021 (late claims)
 7 Marking (2nd Exams)  £25.86 Marking done for the formal exam sessions in May and September
 8 Invigilation  £14.94 All invigilation & student script review
 9 Chief Invigilator  £20.12 Specified chief invigilation during formal exam sessions
 10 Peer tutor  £16.21 For running peer tutorials
 11 TCC technician  £16.21 For supporting TCC sessions
 12 Event Assistance  £16.21 Please specify whether it is UG or PG
 13 Overflow room  £16.21 For managing overfloow lecture rooms
 14 Other (explain in email)  - If unsure, use this and explain the task and include the task provider in the email to confirm work details.
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Checking pay – payslips

Everyone receiving pay from Imperial can check their payment details through either accessing ICIS or Imperial app. Details can be found through this link:

All income is subject to National Insurance and Income Tax deductions once a certain threshold is reached. 

Rates for National Insurance:

Rates for Income Tax:

You might be automatically enrolled onto a pension depending on your income. You can opt out by following procedures listed here.

If you have any further questions about your pay please contact