Departmental Meetings

MeetingDepartmental Meetings (HoD Chair) provide a forum for all staff to discuss the status of the Department's activities and they are generally held once per term. All members of the department are invited to attend.

Departmental Committees

The Department's development is managed through a structure of committees. The Head of Department chairs the Management Committee:

Management Committee 


  • Head of Department (Chair): Professor David van Dyk
  • Departmental Operations Manager: Dr Richard Jones
  • Executive Assistant & Office Manager (Secretary): Mr David Whittaker
  • Director of Undergraduate Studies: Dr Chris Hallsworth
  • Director of Postgraduate Studies: Dr Ryan Barnett
  • Director of Research: Dr Eva-Maria Graefe
  • Heads of Section: Professor Martin Liebeck (Pure), Professor Greg Pavliotis (AMMP), Professor Guy Nason (Statistics) and Professors Johannes Muhle-Karbe (Mathematical Finance)
  • Deputy Heads of Department: Professors Harry Zheng and Andrew Parry
  • Senior Tutor: Dr Christopher Ford
  • Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Champion: Professor Tom Coates
  • Director of Quantitative Sciences Research Institute: Professor Almut Veraart


The Management Committee has three direct feeder committees:

Feeder committees

Infrastructure Committee

Infrastructure Committee:
Chair of Infrastructure: Dr David Ham
Departmental Operations Manager: Dr Richard Jones
Technical Services Manager: Mr Andrew Pope
Maths Librarian: Ms Ann Brew 

Feeder Committees to the Infrastructure Committee:

  • Huxley Common Room Committee


    • Chair - Mr David Whittaker (Mathematics)
    • Minute Taker – Magda Vidler
    • Professor Alessio Corti (Mathematics): academic representative
    • Dorian Guzu (Mathematics): PhD Student Representative
    • Mrs Ann Halford (Computing): administrative representative
    • Ms Inga Ryan/Ms Kimberley Frost (Catering): catering representative
    • Professor William Knottenbelt (Computing): academic representative
    • Mrs Susan Parker (Physics): department representative
    • Adam Townsend: postdoc representative
  •  Computing Committee

    Chair of Computing Committee: Dr David Ham
    Research Computing Officer: Mr Andy Thomas
    Section Representatives:
    Pure – Professor Tom Coates
    Applied – Dr Gunnar Preusssner
    Stats – Professor Niall Adams
    MF –  ?

  • Health and Safety Committee

    Head of Department (Chair) David van Dyk
    Administration support and minutes: Martin Cooper
    Department Operations Manager: Richard Jones
    Academic Representatives: Prof Harry Zheng
    Student Representative (postgraduate): Claudio Bellani
    Student Representative (undergraduate): TBC
    Post Doc Representative: TBC
    Department Safety Officer: Andrew Pope
    Faculty Safety Team: Stefan Hoyle; Olga Kuzmina
    Trades’ Union Safety Representative: TBC
    Colle Estates Operations Representative: Jolene Burger; Ivan Carromero Manzano
    College Safety Department Representative: Eddie Hartrick; Ana Pedrero-Llamas
    College Fire Office Representative: Jonathan Ryan

Research Committee

Research Committee:

Director of Research (Chair): Dr Eva-Maria Graefe
Research Operations Manager: Mrs Rusudan Svanidze
Prof. Paolo Cascini (Pure representative)
Prof. Ari Laptev (Pure representative)
Dr. Eyal Neuman (Math Finance representative)
Prof. Axel Gandy (Statistics representative)
Dr. Eric Keaveny (AMMP representative)
Dr. Sheehan Olver (AMMP representative)

Teaching Committee

Teaching Committee


Committee Chair
Director of Undergraduate Studies - Dr Chris Hallsworth

Committee Secretary
Education Office Manager - Ms Helen Haines

Committee Membership
Deputy DUGS (AMMP) - Dr Andrew Walton
Deputy DUGS (Statistics) - Dr Chris Hallsworth
Director of Admissions - Dr Charlotte Kestner
Director of Examinations (Undergraduate) - tba
Director of Ancillary Teaching - Dr Pavel Berloff
Director of Postgraduate Studies - Dr Ryan Barnett
MSc Director Maths and Finance - Dr Jack Jacquier
Co-Director Maths and Finance - Dr Mikko Pakkanen
MSc Director Statistics - Dr Marina Evangelou
MSc Director Applied - Dr Ory Schnitzer
MSc Director Pure - Professor Alexei Skorobogatov
Undergraduate Projects Coordinator - Professor Paolo Cascini
Undergraduate Senior Tutor - Dr Christopher Ford
Undergraduate Liaison Officer - Mrs Inkeri Hibbins

Feeder Committees to the Teaching Committee


Postgraduate Committee
PG Director (Chair) - Dr Ryan Barnett
PG Research Coordinator – Ms Agnieszka Damasiewicz Niccolai
Research Operations Manager - Ms Rusudan Svanidze
PG Student Welfare Tutor - Dr Gunnar Pruessner
Mathematical Finance Tutor - Dr Harry Zheng
Statistics Tutor - Dr Nicholas Heard
Pure Tutor - Prof Boguslaw Zegarlinski
AMMP Tutor - Dr Nick Jones

PhD Student Representatives
AMMP student rep – Marius Bothe
Statistics student rep – Andrew Connel
Pure student rep – Esther Bou Dagher, Kamilla Rekvenyi
Maths-Finance student rep – Alexandre Pannier

Staff - Student Committee (SSC):

Senior Tutor: Dr Chris Ford
Director of Undergraduate Studies:  Professor David Evans

Section Representatives:
Statistics - Prof Emma McCoy
Pure - Prof Kevin Buzzard
AMMP - Prof Andrew Walton

Infrastructure Committee Chair:  Professor Niall Adams
Education Office manager:  Ms Helen Haines
Undergraduate Liaison Officer:  Mrs Inkeri Hibbins
Student Experience Coordinator: Ms Ella Robson

Year 1: Dr Shahid Mughal and Samuel Brzezicki
Year 2: Dr Davoud Cheraghi
Year 3: Dr Martin Rasmussen
Year 4: Dr Chris Hallsworth

UG Students:
Dept rep - Nicolas Barykin Pankevich
Year 1 reps - Carlos Cardoso Correia Perello, Tony Lin
Year 2 reps - Amir Rahman, Priscilla Yip
Year 3 reps - Sai Balasirishwaron, Hanish Sutaria 
Year 4 reps - tba

JMC Students:
Dept rep -  - Bruno da Rocha Paiva
Wellbeing Dept rep - Aporva Varshney
Year 1 rep -  Antonio Codrea
Year 1 Wellbeing - Ines Wright
Year 2 rep - tba
Year 3 rep - Rini Banerjee 
Year 3 Wellbeing - James Pedley
Year 4 rep - India Marsden
Year 4 Wellbeing - Hugo Chu

MSc Students:
PG Dept rep - Henry Rodriguez-Broadbent
AMMP reps - Urte Adomaityte, Anna Curran
Pure reps - Osmund Justinussen, Emanuel Tewolde
Statistics reps - Nihaar Popli, Leonard Rosen, Lukas Verikas
MF reps - Georgios Pampalis, Yulia Tereshchuk

PhD reps - tba

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee


• Co-Chair, Academic Staff Representative: Dr Heather Battey
• Co-Chair, Academic Staff Representative: Dr Colin Cotter
• Secretary: Mr David Fong Whittaker
• Academic Staff Representative: Dr Ana Caraiani
• Academic Staff Representative: Dr Dante Kalise
• Admissions Tutor: Dr Lotte Kestner and Dr Daniel Mortlock
• Deputy Head of Department: Professor Andy Parry
• Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Champion: Professor Tom Coates
• FoNS Diversity Champion: Dr Vahid Shahrezaei
• Head of Department: Professor David van Dyk
• Head of Postdoc and Fellows Development Centre: Dr Liz Elvidge
• PhD Student Representative: Esther Bou Dagher
• Postdoc Representative: Dr Jessica Eastman
• Student Experience Co-ordinator: Sai Yoghananthan
• Teaching Fellow Representative: Dr Marie-Amelie Lawn
• Wellbeing Departmental Representative: Desmond Lin

Other Department Committees

Awards Committee

  • Ari Laptev (Chair)
  • Darren Crowdy
  • Axel Gandy

 Mitigating Circumstances Board (UG)

  • Chris Ford (Chair)
  • Chris Hallsworth
  • Inkeri Hibbins
  • Jeroen Lamb
  • Harry Zheng