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UG 1st Year Tutorial Questions

Questions and Solutions for Discussion in Tutorial Sessions (21-22)

Term 1:

Tutorials taking place in weeks 2&3: 

Tutorial 1 Problem Sheet for Students

Tutorial 1 Problem Sheet Solutions

Tutorial 1 Tutor Information

Tutorials taking place in weeks 4&5:

Please note that the papers/solutions are not currently distributed centrally to students - they are only distributed via the tutors. 

Tutorial 2 Problem Sheet for Students

Tutorial 2 Problem Sheet Solutions

Tutorial 2 Tutor Information

For weeks 6 onwards, all materials will be posted on the GTA/Tutor Blackboard Page - if you do not have access, please contact the UG Office. 

Please note: Students will only attend group tutorials live. You don’t need to try to do multi-mode. Any students who are self-isolating/still to arrive in College will be asked to attend a cover tutor session on Thursdays at 4pm. The link will be placed on all students’ calendars for now (unfortunately they see it every week, not just the weeks they are due to have tutorials) but should only be attended by those students who are unable to attend that week due to self-isolation/delayed arrival. Please tell your tutees about this if they contact you and are unable to attend your live session due to one of the reasons above. 

Please remember to update attendance information! Thank you.