Key PhD contacts

  • Dr Ryan Barnett

    Dr Ryan Barnett

    Personal details

    Dr Ryan Barnett Director of Postgraduate Studies (DPS)


    You can arrange a meeting with Director of PG Studies and Section PG Tutors to discuss academic/pastoral matters. For issues related to student welfare please contact the Postgraduate Welfare Tutor (listed below).

  • Dr Gunnar Pruessner

    Professor Anatoly Ruban

    Personal details

    Dr Gunnar Pruessner Postgraduate Senior Tutor


    Please contact me if you have a non-academic issue to discuss, such as medical or financial affecting your studies.

  • Mrs Agnieszka Damasiewicz Niccolai


    Personal details

    Mrs Agnieszka Damasiewicz Niccolai Postgraduate Coordinator


    Any matters related to your PhD studies such as progression, scholarships, interruption of studies, regulations, College processes.

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